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valuation of Fixed Assets

BEEHIVE Consultancy licensed by the ORGANIZING COUNCIL FOR CONSULTANCY FIRMS NO.(450) to conduct fixed assets valuations for all real state ,manufacturing and any other categories on completely professional and scientific basis to attain reliable value to be utilized for all investment purpose .

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Feasibility studies

Beehive consultancy perform economic feasibility studies and surveys also provides a service of evaluation of existing and new projects . We provide advice based on knowledge and experience on how to achieve short and long-terms organizational goals, how to manage business with banks like choosing the appropriate bank accounts that suit the organization .

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Financial plans

We offer solutions for financial problems by using specialized studies and analysis of financial position for the company by using advanced methodologies, in order to make optimum financial decisions at the right time, given the related risks consideration.

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Design & Develop Systems

We design modern information & financial systems that guarantee prompt accounting transactions and prepare financial reports & financial analysis easily. Meet requirements of internal control and financial planning. Develop and improve accounting operations, in order to make the organization able to follow the rapid technology development.

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Marketing Plans

We design business plans to raise sales and support marketing strengths for the companies in various sectors, and keep up with rapid-change volatility of the markets based on codified and scientific foundations, focusing on consumer as a cornerstone of any businesses marketing strategy.

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Corporate Restructuring

We evaluate and design organizational and administrative restructuring of companies at all its departments and identify shortages in the organization, then determine the best mechanisms to deal with them. Study organizational change and restructuring of capital.

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  • Who we are?

    Based on wide and deep experience Beehive consultancy conducts the technical and economic feasibility studies. And studies of financial restructuring for both goods and services firms in all sectors, private , public companies and governmental institutions.

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