By working with previous institutions and cooperating with a considerable number of experts in all areas and sectors of the economy, Beehive consultancy team has conducted the following studies and business noun examples consulting:

  • Feasibility studies for establishment of banks
  • Evaluation and restructuring of companies and bank and insurance companies
  • Establishment of portfolios and investment funds in stocks and real estate.
  • Establishment of a public shareholding companies and privatization of government institutions.
  • Feasibility studies in agriculture field (animal feed)
  • Evaluation of companies of agricultural services, irrigation, and excavation
  • Fishing and fish farming.
  • cattle breeding and fattening.
  • Sea transport of (passengers, is essay shark legit cargo)
  • Establishment of airlines companies.
  • Establishment and evaluation of cold storage plants and warehouses.
  • Establishment of Public parks and gardens .
  • Real estate
  • Establishment of satellite channels.
  • Establishment of hospitals and private clinics .
  • Establishment of universities, institutes, and colleges.
  • Establishment of hotels.