Who we are

 Based on wide and deep experience Beehive consultancy conducts technical & economic feasibility studies. And studies of financial restructuring for both goods and services firms in all sectors, private, public companies and governmental institutions.
 We select best experts, analysts and using latest means of financial and economic analysis applications, we work hand to hand with our customers, to make financial decisions and create investment opportunities in addition to design creative strategies , and implementing them in order to achieve continued success, which our customers aspire and aim in the short and long terms.
 We prepare valuation of companies, assessment, and analysis of stocks and securities; we also initiate & evaluate financial & accounting information systems.
 Beehive consultancy provides full service on preparation of merging & acquisitions studies, (M&A )..

Our Services
1/ preparation of Technical & Economic feasibility studies.
 Beehive consultancy performs technical & economic feasibility studies, and provides service of evaluation of existing and new projects.
 We provide advice based on knowledge and experience on how to achieve short and long-terms organizational goals, how to manage businesses with banks by providing suitable core managerial and financial IT system .

2/ Market studies.
 We study, evaluate, and analyze market trends currently and prospectively, as well as designing appropriate strategies and plans for all economic sectors
 We identify the target market and prices of various goods & services
 Development of supply , demand & competition, as well as to study ups and downs of market and measure effectiveness of marketing plans.
3 / Marketing Studies and Research.
 Our experts in Beehive consultancy prepare comprehensive studies for both good & service institutions in order to develop a successful marketing plans, enhancing productivity and increase the level of profitability, in addition to development of marketing & sales systems, and to identify economic and political conditions and environmental factors that would affect productivity and employment.
 Beehive consultancy helps in making optimum decision regarding sales & procurement, while ensuring integrity of financial position of the company under investigation.
4/ Financial plans.
We offer solutions for financial problems by using specialized studies and analysis of financial position for the company by using advanced methodologies, in order to make optimum financial decisions at the right time, given the related risks consideration.
5/ marketing plans.
We design business plans to raise sales and support marketing strengths for the companies in various sectors, and keep up with rapid-change volatility of the markets based on codified and scientific foundations, focusing on consumer as a cornerstone of any businesses marketing strategy.
6/ Design & Develop Financial, Accounting & Administrative, Information Systems.
 We design modern information & financial systems that guarantee prompt accounting transactions and prepare financial reports & financial analysis easily.
 Meet requirements of internal control and financial planning.
 Develop and improve accounting operations, in order to make the organization able to follow the rapid technology development.
7/ privatization.
 Our experts specialized in preparation of privatization studies and converting any activity or organization from governmental sector to the private sector.
 Using partial or total sale of assets and units owned by government directly, or through offering company’s shares for sale through the capital markets in order to encourage competition and focus the light on the private sector and development & revitalization of capital markets growth.
8 / Valuation of companies and organizations .
Beehive consultancy prepare valuation studies for companies, through evaluation of assets and sources of income, to figure out the current value of the net equity for the company and find out its ability to produce profits for investment.
9 / Analysis and Assessment of Stock & Securities.
Technical and financial analysis is instrumental in deciding to invest in stocks and securities of all types; beehive consultancy helps you to take the right decision at the right time by predicting rises and falls in the prices of securities to achieve significant and satisfactory returns.

10 / Human Resource Studies & Consultancies .
 Beehive consultancy performs planning and preparing business strategies and related needs of human resources.
 Design an integrated system for management of human resources.
 Preparing wages and salaries schemes, and develop the skills and training programs.
 Preparing selection and recruitment synergies.
 Conduct restructuring and studies of performance evaluation and human resource development system .
11/ corporate Restructuring.
 We evaluate and design organizational and administrative restructuring of companies at all its departments and identify shortages in the organization, then determine the best mechanisms to deal with them.
 Study organizational change and restructuring of capital.
12/ Mergers and Acquisitions. (M & A)
 Help clients in implementation of M & A, and studying the steps and expected effects on the results.
 One of corporate strategies is managing funding through the sale or purchase, divide, or merge between similar or different economic activities of companies. That can help any organization to grow rapidly in its sector or in a new field without creating new entities. That affects positively in search of an increase Size of expanding in its sector, reduces the costs of production &services, the acquisition of markets, increase competitiveness, and achieving remarkable profit growth, and increases financial capacity and efficiency.